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Book review – The Invisible Playground: Phone Phreaking and the Criminalization of Curiosity

LA Times Book Review by Jason Brown of Exploding the Phone: The Untold Story of the Teenagers and Outlaws Who Hacked Ma Bell by Phil Lapsley

  • “Lapsley’s book is the definitive history of the Golden Age of “phone phreaking” in the 1960s and 70s, when these quirks in the system were the basic tools used by dedicated network explorers to keep in touch and share knowledge. It documents a strange time when the most complex single machine on the planet could be controlled with bird whistles.”
  • See also From “phreaks” to Apple: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s “eureka!” moment – In the days before Apple, an article on “phone phreaking” turned the young pioneers into tech entrepreneurs, by Phil Lapsley
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