Accurate, Focused Research on Law, Technology and Knowledge Discovery Since 2002 earns more than $1 million for indie bookstores

LA Times via Yahoo – “In the wee hours of Monday morning, — an online bookseller whose goal is to offer financial support to independent bookstores — earned $1 million for local bookstores across the country struggling to survive during the pandemic. Earlier this month, Bookshop partnered with Simon & Schuster in a campaign to bolster those efforts. As of Wednesday morning, the digital bookstore had earned $1,072,126, a massive jump from the $10,000 raised in its first month of operations, before the coronavirus outbreak forced bookstores to close their doors. “[This milestone] means that we’re accomplishing our mission of being a real meaningful support for independent bookstores,” said Andy Hunter, Bookshop’s founder and CEO. “We’re exceedingly pleased with how much we’ve been able to earn for the stores, and many stores are also grateful.”

Bookshop, a Certified B corporation, was launched in January with a mission to help indie bookstores, which for years fought to compete with chains like Barnes & Noble and then the online retail giant Amazon. “Our goal is to take the conscious consumers away from Amazon and put them in a channel that supports local independent businesses and keeps bookstores in their communities,” said Hunter, which “are really essential to our cultural fabric when it comes to books.” Customers can choose to purchase from a specific indie bookstore affiliated with Bookshop or buy directly from the site…” [emphasis added – hint hint[

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