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Buying Legal Tech Is Becoming Like High Street Shopping

Artificial Lawyer: “First we have the ‘own-brand megastores’. These are like the flagship stores of Apple or Microsoft on Regent Street in London. They primarily sell one brand’s products and those products are designed to fit together. They may work with other companies’ systems – out of necessity – but the goal is to offer as much as you can under a single brand, with a single corporate experience along with a shared culture and direction. Litera, now onto its 13th M&A deal in two years, would be a good example of this approach. Then we have the procurement platforms, i.e. department stores. Here we are talking about a single point of entry that gives access to the onboarding of multiple capabilities. The department store doesn’t have to produce any of its own tech (although it could if it wanted to), it just has to give the shoppers the confidence that everything under their roof is good quality and guaranteed to work well. As if it couldn’t, then the department store model would not be of much use. Reynen Court is a good example of this strategy…”

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