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Calls for Investigation into Pentagon Domestic Surveillance Have Generated Response

After a series of Congressional calls for hearings and investigations into the administration’s controversial post 9/11 domestic surveillance program, news today from several sources confirming that probes have indeed been launched, and hearings scheduled. Questions remain as to when, and if, the conclusions will be made public. Additionally, ABC News reports that former NSA “insider” Russell Tice is on record as a whistleblower at the heart of the New York Times article that revealed the program’s existence.
Related reference:

  • Letter from Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe to Rep. John Conyers, Jr. [locate the full text by scrolling down a bit from the top of the posting] concerning “the legality of the classified program of electronic surveillance by the National Security Agency..that the President authorized within months of the September 11, 2001, attacks by Al Qaeda…The inescapable conclusion is that the [Authorization to Use Military Force] AUMF did not implicitly authorize what the FISA expressly prohibited. It follows that the presidential program of surveillance at issue here is a violation of the separation of powers — as grave an abuse of executive authority as I can recall ever having studied.”
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