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Cambridge Law Eminent Scholars Archive

“Lesley Dingle & Daniel Bates – The Eminent Scholars Archive is an expanding archive developed by Lesley Dingle and Daniel Bates in which we document the careers and achievements of eminent scholars associated with the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge. The archive includes biographies, bibliographies, photographs, recorded interviews and many other resources. The scholars listed below are arranged in the order in which they were interviewed, commencing in 2005. Alternatively, an alphabetical index list is also available, as is a page identifying where the Eminent Scholars Archive has been cited. The Eminent Scholars Archive is also available to listen or subscribe to, via iTunes, SoundCloudStitcher, the University Streaming Service, and many other podcast platforms. Enquiries about the Eminent Scholars Archive should be directed to Lesley Dingle at [email protected] [h/t Lyonette Louis-Jacques]

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