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Can We Predict The Outcome of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filings?

“Can we predict the success rate of Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings? At LexPredict, we’ve answered similar questions before. Our predictive analysis of Supreme Court decisions is one notable example. Our Supreme Court prediction game, FantasySCOTUS, is a fun way to compete with friends and earn cash prizes, but its principles can also provide tangible benefits to anyone who might be affected by Supreme Court decisions and is looking for insight into the future. One of the ultimate goals of legal analytic research is to increase positive outcomes for both civil and criminal court litigants, and to do so more efficiently. And the newest member of our team, Warren Agin, finds some answers to these kinds of daunting analytics questions in his new paper, “Using Machine Learning to Predict Success or Failure in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases.” (For more data and details, visit the GitHub page as well)…”

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