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Can’t find Lysol disinfectant spray? Here’s what to buy instead

USAToday: “As people are trying to stay safe and disinfect their homes during the coronavirus pandemic, families are searching for ways to buy hand sanitizer, toilet paper and other household essentials to help them stay safe and healthy in quarantine. Even though we’ve reached a “new normal” in the availability of hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes and spray are still in limited supply. Not only has it been reported that Lysol spray and Clorox wipes would be in low supply through the end of June, Lysol products were approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for protecting against coronavirus, putting these products in high demand. While data suggests that catching coronaviruses from surfaces is unlikely, it’s always good to have these disinfecting products on hand.  But don’t panic. Even if you’re can’t find Lysol products, you can still get your hands on quality disinfecting supplies for the whole family at these online retailers. While we’ll be updating this list daily, supplies are selling out extremely fast, so we recommend not putting it off more than you need to and only buying as much as you need. Here are the places online where you can buy cleaning wipes and spray right now…” [h/t Pete Weiss]

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