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Casetext – freely available, annotated database of legal resources

Casetext is a freely available, annotated database of legal resources. Researchers find relevant documents and immediately see analysis by other attorneys and paths for further research. Contributors mark up documents in a simple, digital format and make their expertise widely known, all while helping to build a comprehensive public research tool. Who are we? Co-founders Jake Heller and Joanna Huey met in 2009, when Jake was president of the Stanford Law Review and Joanna was president of the Harvard Law Review. After clerking together for the Honorable Michael Boudin, we both worked as associates at law firms before we joined forces to build Casetext.

Research – What is in your database?

Our database currently includes the following cases:

  • all U.S. Supreme Court cases,
  • federal circuit court cases from Volume 1 of F.2d,
  • federal district court cases published in F.Supp. and F.Supp.2d from 1980, and
  • Delaware cases published in A., A.2d, and A.3d from Volume 30 of A.

The database was last updated on June 14, 2013.”

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