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The case for buying less — and how to actually do it

Vox: Buying fewer unnecessary items is good for the planet, your wallet, and your brain. “This holiday season could be a scary time for some: Between inflation (prices have risen 8.2 percent in a year) and economic uncertainty pointing to a potential recession, in addition to ongoing pandemic recovery, it might not be the ideal moment to think about buying a bunch of crap. A 2019 survey by Ladder and OnePoll revealed that Americans spend an average of $18,000 per year on nonessential items, including streaming services and lattes, impulse Amazon finds, and unnecessary clothes. Not only is this enough to buy a semester of in-state tuition for your soon-to-be-college kid, but it translates to lots of clutter you have to deal with as items become unnecessary with time. Household goods and services are responsible for 60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, one study shows. It seems we are as aware as ever of this fact — since the pandemic, consumers want to reduce their unnecessary shopping behaviors.” [Shop your closets, basement, shed, dresser drawers. You will be surprised at the clothes, shoes an boots you will find to wear again. Donate what you do not want or use – check into Habitat for Humanity ReStores in your area. Book exchanges and used book shops allow in kind exchanges so that you always have new-old books to read. Plant and seed exchanges are also plentiful and make gift giving and receiving a year round event, rather than just on the holidays.]

UK Chief Medical Officer’s annual report 2022: air pollution

Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report 2022 Air pollution: “Air pollution affects us all. It is associated with impacts on lung development in children, heart disease, stroke, cancer, exacerbation of asthma and increased mortality, among other health effects. Except for air quality in our own homes, we have little control as individuals over the level of… Continue Reading

UN passes resolution to curb space debris from anti-satellite missile tests

engadget – China, India and Russia all voted against the measure. “The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution today asking countries not to conduct direct-ascent anti-satellite tests (ASAT) that create space junk. The US spearheaded the measure after the International Space Station (ISS) had a close call last year with more than 1,500 pieces… Continue Reading

UN – Reverse nature’s decline or there is no future

“In order to realise a “world living in harmony with nature” by 2050, UN experts today called on States to ensure that the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework is centred on human rights. “Healthy biodiversity and ecosystems are the foundation of life and fundamental to the enjoyment of human rights, including the rights to life, health,… Continue Reading

Overseas Real Property: State’s Initial Assessment of Natural Hazard Risks Faced By its Posts

Overseas Real Property: State’s Initial Assessment of Natural Hazard Risks Faced By its Posts, GAO-23-105452. Published Oct 18, 2022. Publicly Released Nov 17, 2022: “In 2020, the State Department created a Climate Security and Resilience program. The program assesses the risk natural hazards pose to each of its 294 locations around the world. State selected… Continue Reading

Extreme temperatures around the world and related links

Via National and Continental Extreme Temperatures includes the national extreme temperatures with dates and sources Monthly Temperatures Records includes the world and continental extreme temperatures month by month.It also includes statistics of temperature records by latitude and altitude. Countries without frost includes a list of the countries where frost has never been recorded. Snowfalls… Continue Reading

How an Early Oil Industry Study Became Key in Climate Lawsuits

Yale Environment 360: “For decades, 1960s research for the American Petroleum Institute warning of the risks of burning fossil fuels had been forgotten. But two papers discovered in libraries are now playing a key role in lawsuits aimed at holding oil companies accountable for climate change. Carroll Muffett began wondering in 2008 when the world’s… Continue Reading

How to Feel About Climate Change?

Julia Mosquera & Kirsti M. Jylhä . How to Feel About Climate Change? An Analysis of the Normativity of Climate Emotions, International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 30:3,357-380, DOI: 10.1080/09672559.2022.2125150 – “Climate change evokes different emotions in people. Recently, climate emotions have become a matter of normative scrutiny in the public debate. This phenomenon, which we… Continue Reading

Want to fight climate change effectively? Here’s where to donate your money

Vox: These are 8 of the most high-impact, cost-effective, evidence-based organizations. “You may not have heard of them….The groups I list below seem to be doing something especially promising in the light of certain criteria: importance, tractability, and neglectedness. Important targets for change are ones that drive a big portion of global emissions. Tractable problems… Continue Reading

Billionaires Provided 15 Percent of Funding for the Midterm

“In the 2022 midterms, the 100 largest donors collectively spent 60 percent more than every small donor in the United States combined, according to a Brennan Center analysis of publicly available data. (Small donors are those who give $200 or less.) The wealthy have always wielded disproportionate power over American government. In 1895, GOP strategist… Continue Reading