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GPO Makes Available Statute Compilations in USLM XML Format

“The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) and its legislative data partners in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have made Statute Compilations available in USLM XML format. This new format makes documents easier to use, read, and download. The public can access the compilations on GPO’s trusted digital repository govinfo, the one-stop… Continue Reading August 2021 New, Tip, and Top

In Custodia Legis: “At the end of July, Andrew shared the enhancements from the last release, which included adding Key Word In Context (KWIC) search results for the Bound Congressional Record and new customization options for bill alerts. With this month’s release, a link to the treaty errata tab from the overview section on… Continue Reading

What is the Constitution Annotated?

In Custodia Legis: “For over a hundred years, the Constitution Annotated—officially The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation—has served as Congress’s Constitution of record. A Senate document, the Constitution Annotated surveys and illuminates how the Supreme Court of the United States has interpreted every provision of the Constitution throughout the nation’s… Continue Reading

Not a single federal agency received an ‘A’ in a new Senate cybersecurity report card

Popular Science: “On Tuesday, members from the US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee released a bipartisan report [PDF] that states that seven out of the eight federal agencies they reviewed still have not met the basic cybersecurity standards needed to protect the sensitive data they stored and maintained.  The report was led by… Continue Reading

Federal Cybersecurity: America’s Data Still at Risk

United States Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Rob Portman, Ranking Member. Gary Peters, Chairman. Federal Cybersecurity: America’s Data Still at Risk. August 2021: “..The current state of cyber espionage. In the past two years, state-sponsored hackers have perpetrated some of the largest and most damaging cyber-attacks in our history. In December 2020, we… Continue Reading

New congressional report says covid-19 likely emerged in Wuhan months earlier than originally thought

Washington Post: “Nineteen months after the start of the pandemic, the Chinese government continues to actively thwart a real investigation into the origins of covid-19. Now, a new GOP congressional report alleges that Beijing was covering up the outbreak for months longer than previously assumed. The House Foreign Affairs Committee minority staff, led by ranking… Continue Reading

Tracking Federal Awards: and Other Data Sources

Tracking Federal Awards: and Other Data Sources Updated July 30, 2021 – “, available at, is a government source for data on federal awards by state, congressional district (CD), county, city, and zip code. The awards data in are provided byfederal agencies and represent contracts, grants, loans, and other forms of financial assistance.… Continue Reading

LC Upcoming US Law Webinars – August 2021

In Custodia Legis: [In August 2021], the Law Library of Congress will present a webinar on federal statutes. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the legislative process and how to trace federal statutes from their publication in the U.S. Code to their origins as bills. Participants will also learn about the difference between… Continue Reading

DOJ – Trump officials can testify in inquiries into efforts to subvert election outcome

The New York Times: “The Justice Department notified former officials this week that they could testify to the various committees investigating the Trump administration’s efforts to subvert the results of the presidential election and the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, according to a letter obtained by The New York Times. Witnesses can give “unrestricted… Continue Reading

House Bill Would Create Long-Awaited Software and Data Roles at Federal Agencies

NextGov: “The federal government would finally be able to hire specifically for “software development,” “software engineering,” “data management,” and “knowledge management” positions under new legislation before the House. Over multiple administrations, the federal government has tried to get better at hiring and retaining tech-savvy employees but continues to meet challenges, including the lack of specific… Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence: An Accountability Framework for Federal Agencies and Other Entities

Artificial Intelligence: An Accountability Framework for Federal Agencies and Other Entities GAO-21-519SP Published: Jun 30, 2021. “As a nation, we have yet to grasp the full benefits or unwanted effects of artificial intelligence. AI is widely used, but how do we know it’s working appropriately? This report identifies key accountability practices—centered around the principles of… Continue Reading

A Low Carbon Fuel Standard: In Brief

CRS: A Low Carbon Fuel Standard: In Brief July 7, 2021: “One policy option Congress may examine is a low carbon fuel standard (LCFS). An LCFS is a policy that requires transportation fuels to meet a certain energy-related GHG target (e.g., a specific carbon intensity) within a specified jurisdiction and time frame. Some states have… Continue Reading