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Deepfakes on Trial: a Call to Expand the Trial Judge’s Gatekeeping Role to Protect Legal Proceedings from Technological Fakery

Delfino, Rebecca, Deepfakes on Trial: a Call to Expand the Trial Judge’s Gatekeeping Role to Protect Legal Proceedings from Technological Fakery (February 10, 2022). Loyola Law School, Los Angeles Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2022-02, Available at SSRN: or “Picture this: You are arrested and accused of a serious crime, like carjacking, assault… Continue Reading

How the Federal Government Buys Our Cell Phone Location

EFF: “Over the past few years, data brokers and federal military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies have formed a vast, secretive partnership to surveil the movements of millions of people. Many of the mobile apps on our cell phones track our movements with great precision and frequency. Data brokers harvest our location data from the… Continue Reading

Firefox rolls out Total Cookie Protection by default to all users worldwide

Mozilla Blog, June 14, 2022 – “Take back your privacy.  Starting today, Firefox is rolling out Total Cookie Protection by default to all Firefox users worldwide, making Firefox the most private and secure major browser available across Windows, Mac and Linux. Total Cookie Protection is Firefox’s strongest privacy protection to date, confining cookies to the… Continue Reading

You agreed to what? Doctor check-in software harvests your health data

Washington Post: “…There’s a burgeoning business in harvesting our patient data to target us with ultra-personalized ads. Patients who think medical information should come from a doctor — rather than a pharmaceutical marketing department — might not like that. But the good news is, you have the right to say no. I’ll show you what… Continue Reading

First Open Testimony Before January 6 Committee

C-SPAN – January 6 Hearings – First Open Testimony Before January 6 Committee. Held June 9, 2022. After months of closed door investigations, the House January 6 Committee held its first hearing with public testimony about what transpired-and why-during the assault on the U.S. Capitol. Users may search the transcript by choosing text, people or… Continue Reading

Cloud computing: Here’s the security threat you should be most worried about

ZDNet: “Poor identity, access and credential management is the biggest cybersecurity challenge for cloud computing, after the shift to remote working has redefined the workplace and changed priorities around the use of cloud applications and services, warns new research. Cloud computing is now a business essential, but keeping your data and applications secure is vital.… Continue Reading

What Is Bossware? Is It Tracking You At Home?

Make Use Of: “Whether or not remote working affects employee productivity is very much open to debate. On one side, employers argue that remote working makes it easier for people not to work. On the other, skipping the commute and focusing on work may actually improve productivity. Some employers are attempting to answer this question… Continue Reading

How to Find Out if Your Passwords Are Being Sold Online

Make Use Of: “Whether you have the strongest or weakest passwords, countless scenarios can leak your password online. It could be a data breach, or you accidentally shared your credentials with a malicious actor through a phishing website. But how do you tell if your password has been hacked? And what are some of the… Continue Reading

DOJ Reports calls for more international cooperation, coordination on crypto law enforcement

The Block: “A new report from the Department of Justice proposes more international cooperation among law enforcement agencies on the crypto and blockchain front. Information sharing and the harmonization of anti-money laundering and know-your-customer rules were also proposed in the DOJ report, which was developed in conjunction with other US agencies in the wake of… Continue Reading

Trump on Trial: A Guide to the January 6 Hearings and the Question of Criminality

Brookings: “President Joe Biden legitimately won a fair and secure 2020 presidential election—and Donald Trump lost. This historical fact has been uncontroverted by any evidence since at least November 7, 2020, when major news outlets projected Biden’s victory. But Trump never conceded. Instead, both before and after Election Day, he tried to delegitimize the election… Continue Reading

Datadog finds serverless computing is going mainstream

DataDog: “Serverless has transformed application development by eliminating the need to provision and manage any underlying infrastructure. The current serverless ecosystem has grown more mature, and it now has considerable overlap with the world of container-based technologies. The wide range of available options has led over half of organizations operating in each cloud to adopt… Continue Reading