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Firefox rolls out Total Cookie Protection by default to all users worldwide

Mozilla Blog, June 14, 2022 – “Take back your privacy.  Starting today, Firefox is rolling out Total Cookie Protection by default to all Firefox users worldwide, making Firefox the most private and secure major browser available across Windows, Mac and Linux. Total Cookie Protection is Firefox’s strongest privacy protection to date, confining cookies to the… Continue Reading

CRS 6 Part Series – The Political Doctrine Question

LSB10756| The Political Question Doctrine: An Introduction (Part 1) Joanna R. Lampe Jun 14, 2022 – “This Legal Sidebar is the first in a six-part series that discusses the Supreme Court’s political question doctrine, which instructs that federal courts should forbear from resolving questions when doing so would require the judiciary to make policy decisions,… Continue Reading

How Did Guns Get So Powerful?

The New Yorker – Decade by decade, firearms have become deadlier—and tightened their grip on our collective imagination – “The guns that today’s Americans buy and sell by the millions are perfectly suited for that purpose. Civilian AR-15s differ from military versions because, in 1986, the Firearm Owners Protection Act banned the transfer or possession of… Continue Reading

Mandatory Student Spyware Is Creating a Perfect Storm of Human Rights Abuses

EFF: “Spyware apps were foisted on students at the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Today, long after most students have returned to in-person learning, those apps are still proliferating, and enabling an ever-expanding range of human rights abuses. In a recent Center for Democracy and Technology report, 81 percent of teachers said their schools use some form… Continue Reading

K-12 School Shooting Database

“The K-12 School Shooting Database research project is a widely inclusive database that documents each and every instance a gun is brandished, is fired, or a bullet hits school property for any reason, regardless of the number of victims, time, day of the week. The School Shooting Database Project is conducted as part of the… Continue Reading

Reflections on Legal Education in the Aftermath of a Pandemic

Casey, Timothy, Reflections on Legal Education in the Aftermath of a Pandemic (August 23, 2021). 28 Clinical L. Rev. 85 (2021), Available at SSRN: “This essay considers two significant changes to legal education in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. First, on-line programs will expand, based on the largely successful experiment in delivering legal… Continue Reading

With Google dominating search, the internet needs crawl neutrality

Fast Company: “Today, one company—Google—controls nearly all of the world’s access to information on the internet. Their monopoly in search means for billions of people, their gateway to knowledge, to products, and their exploration of the web is in the hands of one company. Most agree, this lack of competition in search is bad for… Continue Reading

FAQ on researching public international law

In Custodia Legis: “…A favorite of mine is the FAQ on researching public international law. This FAQ provides information about public international law as well as a link to a Law Library research guide on this topic. This FAQ also provides references to another research guide on the related topic of treaties and an FAQ… Continue Reading

The linguistics search engine that overturned the federal mask mandate

The Verge: “The COVID-19 pandemic was still raging when a federal judge in Florida made the fateful decision to type “sanitation” into the search bar of the Corpus of Historical American English. Many parts of the country had already dropped mask requirements, but a federal mask mandate on planes and other public transportation was still… Continue Reading

The New Words Without Borders: The Future of Reading the World

Words Without Borders: “The launch of our new website and publishing model ushers in a new era for the leading digital magazine for international literature. In our pages this month, new work by Olga Tokarczuk, Jokha Alharthi, Fernanda Melchor, Boubacar Boris Diop, and more…As Words Without Borders nears twenty years of publishing, it can boast… Continue Reading

The Free Learning List

Published by The School of Thought International, a 501c3 nonprofit and registered Australian Charity organization. The Internet’s Best Education Resources. “We’re attempting something quite ambitious: to save the world from itself by popularizing critical thinking, reason, and understanding.  So far our non-profit’s creative commons resources have reached over 30 million people – so while this… Continue Reading