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Google URL Shortener links will no longer be available

Yet another reason to stop using google via Google for Developers: “In 2018, we announced the deprecation and transition of Google URL Shortener to Firebase Dynamic Links because of the changes we’ve seen in how people find content on the internet, and the number of new popular URL shortening services that emerged in that time.… Continue Reading

How a little-known tool is sweeping the real estate industry by giving instant access to vast amounts of homebuyer data

The Record: “…Forewarn is primarily marketed to and used by the real estate industry, and it has been penetrating that market at a rapid clip. Although some real estate agents say the financial information it returns saves time when finding clients most likely to have the budget for the houses they’re looking at, most agents… Continue Reading

Detect DeepFakes: How to counteract misinformation created by AI

MIT: “See for yourself how accurately you can identify AI-generated images at the DetectFakes Experiment and if you want to learn to spot deepfakes, please check out our recent paper on How to Distinguish AI-Generated Images from Authentic Photographs. You can find more of our work at publications in PNAS, a workshop at IJCAI, and pre-print on arXiv. Check out… Continue Reading

How to remove court records from Google: 3 effective strategies

Search Engine Land: “Legal issues can drag on for ages. That’s the simple, unfortunate truth. Worse, once a legal matter is filed in court, the case is highly likely to become visible on the web. Hundreds of websites now aggregate public court records and publish them for the world to see. The issue I commonly… Continue Reading

ChatGPT Isn’t ‘Hallucinating—It’s Bullshitting!

Scientific American [unpaywalled]: “It’s important that we use accurate terminology when discussing how AI chatbots make up informatio. Right now artificial intelligence is everywhere. When you write a document, you’ll probably be asked whether you need your “AI assistant.” Open a PDF and you might be asked whether you want an AI to provide you… Continue Reading

Descrybe.AI On A Mission To Democratize Legal Research

Artificial Lawyer: “In this week’s AL TV Product Walk Through we take a tour of a free genAI-powered legal research tool built by Richard DiBona and Kara Peterson, a husband and wife team who share an interest in technology, the law, and the democratization of information. By April 2024 they already had over 3 million… Continue Reading

Making sense of rumors about the Trump assassination attempt

2024 U.S. ELECTIONS RAPID RESEARCH BLOG This is part of an ongoing series of rapid research blog posts and rapid research analysis about the 2024 U.S. elections from the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public. Key Takeaways After the assassination attempt on presidential candidate Donald Trump, people converged online to make sense of available… Continue Reading

Global Guidelines for Countering Antisemitism

U.S. Department of State -“Concerned states, special envoys, national coordinators, and representatives tasked by their governments to counter antisemitism, in cooperation with international bodies, offer the following best practices, which have proven to be effective guidelines in formulating public policy. These legally non-binding guidelines, adopted in Buenos Aires, Argentina, include policies to monitor and combat… Continue Reading

The Fraud of Plastic Recycling

Center for Climate Integrity – “Underpinning the plastic waste crisis is a campaign of fraud and deception that fossil fuel and other petrochemical companies have created and perpetuated for decades. Through new and existing research, “The Fraud of Plastic Recycling” shows how Big Oil and the plastics industry have deceptively promoted recycling as a solution… Continue Reading

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Visits Had Dozens of Potential Threats, Secret Service Docs Show

Bloomberg: Jason Leopold July 17, 2024 [also read via Twitter Thread] “Long before the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump on Saturday, I spent years looking into the way the Secret Service responded to threats against its protectees. In 2022, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the agency for records of… Continue Reading

Google Now Defaults to Not Indexing Your Content

Vincent Schmalbach: “…The New Reality – Selective Indexing: This brings us to the current state of affairs: Google is no longer trying to index the entire web. In fact, it’s become extremely selective, refusing to index most content. This isn’t about content creators failing to meet some arbitrary standard of quality. Rather, it’s a fundamental… Continue Reading