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New Search Engine for State Legislation

“BillTrack50 offers both a free and a paid service. Our genuinely free service allows citizens to search by keyword or bill number to discover and review an unlimited number of state and federal bills. Unlimited free access to bill data is fundamental to the working of our sharing tools and is fundamental to our mission.… Continue Reading

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset

“CORD-19 – COVID-19 Open Research Dataset The Semantic Scholar team at the Allen Institute for AI has partnered with leading research groups to provide CORD-19, a free resource of more than 57,000 scholarly articles about the novel coronavirus for use by the global research community…Discover New Insights About the Novel Coronavirus. Quickly explore the latest… Continue Reading

Citation Databases for Legal Scholarship

Beatty, John, Citation Databases for Legal Scholarship (February 26, 2020). 39 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 56 (2020); University at Buffalo School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2019-014. Available at SSRN: “Traditional citation sources, such as Web of Science, index limited numbers of law journals. Consequently, although not designed for generating scholarship citation… Continue Reading

Searching Covid-19 Finding Patterns in Our Need for Knowledge

This project is sponsored by Schema, Google Trends, and Axios: “In late 2019 a novel coronavirus emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Over the following months, the regional outbreak exploded into a devastating global crisis with unsettling levels of uncertainty. How does the virus spread? How will we pay the bills? What will happen… Continue Reading

Pete Recommends Weekly highlights on cyber security issues April 18, 2020

Via LLRX – Pete Recommends Weekly highlights on cyber security issues April 18, 2020 – Privacy and security issues impact every aspect of our lives – home, work, travel, education, health and medical records – to name but a few. On a weekly basis Pete Weiss highlights articles and information that focus on the increasingly… Continue Reading

Stanford Law School’s COVID-19 Memo Database

Welcome to Stanford Law School’s COVID-19 Memo Database, developed and maintained by the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University and Cornerstone Research. “The COVID-19 crisis has generated a complex web of legal, business, and operational challenges that affect the entire economy. Law firms, auditors, and business advisors have responded with thousands of memoranda… Continue Reading

Apple makes mobility data available to aid COVID-19 efforts

Apple Newsroom: “Apple today released a mobility data trends tool from Apple Maps to support the impactful work happening around the globe to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This mobility data may provide helpful insights to local governments and health authorities and may also be used as a foundation for new public policies by showing… Continue Reading

Financial Sources on the Internet 2020

Via LLRX – Financial Sources on the Internet 2020 – This is Marcus Zillman’s selective and wide ranging guide to mostly free financial, market, benchmarking, data and knowledge discovery resources on the internet. The guide is especially useful during this time of financial tumult, and will be updated in future as we continue to experience… Continue Reading