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Flying During Coronavirus: How Airlines Are Changing Their In-Flight Rules

Conde Nast Traveler – The latest on mandatory masks, blocked middle seats, and updated boarding procedures. “After coming to a near standstill due to the coronavirus outbreak, the air travel industry is turning its collective attention to what it will take to get passengers flying again. The first step: making fliers feeling safe in the… Continue Reading

The Rise of Sanitised Travel

This report by SimpliFlying “maps out over 70 areas on the day of travel and summarizes them in key stages of travel. Special sections featured in the report: The Touchless Cabin In-flight janitor The end of the 30-minute turn End of the printed in-flight magazine All bags to be “Sanitagged” The THA: Transport Health Authority..” Continue Reading

GAO Report on pedestrian safety documents lack of interest in the matter by NHTSA

Pedestrian Safety: NHTSA Needs to Decide Whether to Include Pedestrian Safety Tests in Its New Car Assessment Program – GAO-20-419: Published: Apr 23, 2020. Publicly Released: Apr 23, 2020.– “On average, 17 pedestrians died each day in 2018 as a result of vehicle crashes—up 43% from 2008. Automakers offer safety features on many new cars… Continue Reading

2015 GAO Report on Air Travel and Communicable Diseases was ignored

AIR TRAVEL AND COMMUNICABLE DISEASES: Comprehensive Federal Plan Needed for U.S. Aviation System’s Preparedness GAO-16-127: Published: Dec 16, 2015. Publicly Released: Dec 16, 2015. “All of the 14 airports and 3 airlines GAO reviewed have plans for responding to communicable disease threats from abroad, although the United States lacks a comprehensive national aviation-preparedness plan aimed at… Continue Reading

How our favorite pastimes will change in post COVID-19 world

Morning Consult Analysis – “The coronavirus outbreak has separated many Americans from their typical pastimes, relegating people to their homes during any free time they may have. With this, certain pastimes are seeing new life. But how likely is it that consumers will continue to enjoy these pastimes post-pandemic, and which ones are just temporary… Continue Reading

NYC will close public roads to traffic to create more recreational space

Road/Show: The coronavirus means there’s a need for more socially distanced rec space, and closing down roads near parks is expected to help. “Social distancing in a major city, in the age of the coronavirus, is nearly impossible, and as more New York residents try to get outside and practice social distancing, there simply isn’t… Continue Reading

‘Quarantine fatigue’: Americans venturing out against coronavirus stay-at-home orders

Washington Post – Social Distancing Decreasing Across the Country: “Researchers tracking smartphone data say they recently made a disturbing discovery: For the first time since states began implementing stay-at-home orders in mid-March to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, Americans are staying home less. The nationwide shift during the week of April 13 was… Continue Reading

Bike lanes provide positive economic impact

Science Daily – “Despite longstanding popular belief, bicycle lanes can actually improve business. At worst, the negative impact on sales and employment is minimal, according to a new study. Researchers studied 14 corridors in 6 cities — Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Memphis, Minneapolis and Indianapolis — and found such improvements had either positive or non-significant… Continue Reading

Covid-19 Arrived in Seattle. Where It Went From There Stunned the Scientists.

The New York Times – Scientists traced the virus brought to the Seattle area in January. They were astonished to learn that the same branch of the virus traveled on through at least a dozen states and to other parts of the world. “As the coronavirus outbreak consumed the city of Wuhan in China, new cases… Continue Reading

How to Keep the Gas Fresh, Protect Your Car During Coronavirus Pandemic

Consumer Reports – Experts give some simple tips to protect your engine from stale gas if your car is sitting idle – There are a lot fewer cars out on the road right now, because many drivers are isolating in their homes to protect against the spread of the coronavirus. Overall road travel in the… Continue Reading