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CBP Tells Airports Its New Facial Recognition Target is 75% of Passengers Leaving the US

404 Media: “Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has told airports it plans to increase its targets for scanning passengers with facial recognition as they leave the U.S., according to an internal airport email obtained by 404 Media. The new goal will be to scan 75 percent of all passengers, the email adds. The news signals CBP’s increasing focus on biometric, and in particular facial recognition, systems at airports. Although it is unclear if related to the shift in goals, one traveler was also recently told by airline industry staff “CBP said everyone has to do it” when they asked to opt-out of facial recognition while boarding for an international flight last month…

This is a national, not per airport, goal, and applies to flights departing the U.S.,” the spokesperson added. CBP’s ultimate Congress-mandated goal is 97 percent or greater biometric exit compliance, they added…”

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