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Census Bureau Reports State Government Tax Collections Reach High of Nearly $800 Billion in FY 2012

News release: “Overall state government tax collections increased $34.3 billion from fiscal year 2011 to a record $794.6 billion in 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today. The previous high for overall state tax collections was $779.7 billion in 2008. State tax revenue is up 13.0 percent from $703.4 billion in 2010, which was the lowest collected total since 2005. (State tax figures are represented as current whole dollars and are not adjusted for inflation.). Overall state tax revenue on individual income was at $280.4 billion for 2012, up 8.1 percent from 2011, while general sales tax revenue was at $242.7 billion for 2012, up 2.9 percent from 2011. License tax revenue increased to $54.0 billion for 2012, up 4.7 percent from 2011. Individual income tax revenue, general sales tax revenue and license tax revenue comprised 72.6 percent of all state government tax collections nationally…These new statistics come from the 2012 Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections, which contains annual statistics on the fiscal year tax collections of all 50 state governments, including receipts from compulsory fees. This survey provides an annual summary of taxes collected by states which fall broadly into categories such as property taxes, sales and gross receipts taxes, license taxes and income taxes. Statistics are further broken down into 25 subcategories which cover collection on items such as motor fuel taxes, severance taxes and hunting license taxes. Tax revenues also include related penalty and interest receipts of the governments.”

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