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Charting an Omicron Infection

The New York Times: “In less than two months, the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has spread around the globe and caused a staggering number of new infections. Omicron now accounts for more than 99.5 percent of new infections in the United States, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The nation reported as many as 800,000 new cases a day in mid-January, more than three times as many as at any previous point in the pandemic. Scientists have been working overtime to study Omicron. Many questions remain unanswered, but here’s what they’ve learned so far…”

See also The New York Times – In Sewage, Clues to Omicron’s Surge: “Tracking the virus in wastewater is helping some cities and hospitals respond to the most recent wave of the coronavirus, but a more coordinated national effort is needed, experts say..”

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