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ChatGPT Created Its Own Puzzle Game

Lifehacker: “and You Can Play It Right Now..ChatGPT’s new game is the result of a back-and-forth between the AI and one Daniel Tait, who was interested in seeing if the ChatGPT could recommend him a puzzle like Sodoku. ChatGPT responded with a list of five alternatives, all of which Tait had tried already. So, he upped the ante, asking ChatGPT to invent a Sodoku-like puzzle that didn’t already exist. As easily as ChatGPT compiled a list of Sodoku alternatives, it returned with a brand-new puzzler, Labyrinth Sodoku, which is essentially Sodoku with barriers and paths to worry about. Tait liked it, but thought it could be better, and had ChatGPT run through some other games. By game number four, he had a winner—something ChatGPT called “Sum Delete.”

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