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CIA Wins Award for Worst FOIA Compliance by a Gov’t Agency in 2005

Press release: CIA Wins 2006 “Rosemary Award” for Worst Freedom of Information Performance by a Federal Agency

  • “The Central Intelligence Agency has won the second annual Rosemary Award, recognizing the worst performance by a federal agency in complying with the Freedom of Information Act. The Award is named after President Nixon’s secretary Rosemary Woods and the backwards-leaning stretch which she testified resulted in her erasing eighteen-and-a-half minutes from a key Watergate conversation on the White House tapes. National Security Archive director Thomas Blanton announced today that this year’s Rosemary goes to the Central Intelligence Agency, for what he called “the most dramatic one-year drop-off in professionalism and responsiveness to the public we have seen in 20 years of monitoring federal government compliance with the freedom of information law.”
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