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Cisco 2021 Consumer Privacy Survey

Cisco Secure – Building Consumer Confidence Through Transparency and Control: “Protecting privacy continues to be a critical issue for individuals, organizations, and governments around the world. Eighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic, our health information and vaccination status are needed more than ever to understand the virus, control the spread, and enable safer environments for work, learning, recreation, and other activities. Nonetheless, people want privacy protections to be maintained, and they expect organizations and governments to keep their data safe and used only for pandemic response. Individuals are also increasingly taking action to protect themselves and their data. This report, our third annual review of consumer privacy, explores current trends, challenges, and opportunities in privacy for consumers. …These consumers have terminated relationships with both online and traditional companies over data privacy concerns. A third (33%) left social media companies and 28% left Internet Service Providers (ISPs), but they also left other types of companies. Nineteen percent terminated a relationship with a retailer, 19% with a credit-card provider, and 18% with a bank or financial institution. See Figure 3. It is also interesting that nearly half (47%) of these consumers left relationships that were “significant” (defined by its breadth and/or length of time the individual had been a customer). Consumer’s concerns seem to be extending to any company that makes use of their data, even to those they have known for years…”

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