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CivicSearch is a search and discovery tool for everything that is said in local government meetings, texts, and laws. It covers 545 cities and towns in the US and Canada. Included is recent content from LocalView, a data set of transcripts from city councils and other local government bodies around the US. The data is organized into 75 frequently-discussed local policy topics, and it can also be searched by keyword and location. Who is CivicSearch meant for?

  • Local policymakers can see how nearby cities and towns are tackling problems similar to their own.
  • Social scientists can explore the wide variety of approaches that cities are taking to solve urgent problems in categories such as affordable housing, cycling infrastructure, and cannabis regulation.
  • Everyday residents can keep tabs on how their elected leaders are discussing topics of concern to them, such as their local schools, streets, and parks.

To start exploring, select one of the examples above, one of the buttons below, or enter a topic or place of interest to you at the top of the page. Then sign up to receive email updates on the topics local governments are talking about. (Updates will arrive 1-4 times a month.) To sign up, enter your name and zip code below. CivicSearch is a free service. You can send us feedback or view our privacy policy.”

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