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CNET Is Experimenting With an AI Assist. Here’s Why

For over two decades, CNET has built our reputation testing new technologies and separating the hype from reality. “In November, our CNET Money editorial team started trying out the tech to see if there’s a pragmatic use case for an AI assist on basic explainers around financial services topics like What Is Compound Interest? and How To Cash a Check Without a Bank Account? So far we’ve published about 75 such articles. The goal: to see if the tech can help our busy staff of reporters and editors with their job to cover topics from a 360-degree perspective. Will this AI engine efficiently assist them in using publicly available facts to create the most helpful content so our audience can make better decisions? Will this enable them to create even more deeply researched stories, analyses, features, testing and advice work we’re known for?  I use the term “AI assist” because while the AI engine compiled the story draft or gathered some of the information in the story, every article on CNET – and we publish thousands of new and updated stories each month – is reviewed, fact-checked and edited by an editor with topical expertise before we hit publish. That will remain true as our policy no matter what tools or tech we use to create those stories…”

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