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Coalition's New Issue Brief: The Movement of Illegal Guns Across the U.S.-Mexico Border

“A new report by Mayors Against Illegal Guns reveals that Texas and other border states are the top sources of U.S. crime guns recovered in Mexico. The issue brief, which examines previously unavailable ATF data about guns recovered in Mexico and traced back to the U.S, finds that roughly 75% of the U.S. crime guns recovered in Mexico originate from the four border states – with roughly 40% originating from Texas alone. When controlling for population, three of the four border states – Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico – supply guns recovered in Mexico at a rate three times greater than the rate of the fourth border state, California. In addition, the time between the original sale of guns at U.S. gun dealers and the recovery of those guns at Mexican crime scenes is decreasing – a sign of ever more sophisticated gun trafficking.”

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