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Commentary Early thoughts on regulating generative AI like ChatGPT

Brookings, Alex Engler: “With OpenAI’s ChatGPT now a constant presence both on social media and in the news, generative artificial intelligence (AI) models have taken hold of the public’s imagination. Policymakers have taken note too, with statements from Members addressing risks and AI-generated text read on the floor of the House of Representatives. While they are still emerging technologies, generative AI models have been around long enough to consider what we know now, and what regulatory interventions might best tackle both legitimate commercial use and malicious use…Further, text generation models constantly make things up—OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has said as much, noting “it’s a mistake to be relying on [ChatGPT] for anything important right now.” The lesson is that writing convincing, authoritative-sounding text based on everything written on the internet has turned out to be an easier problem to solve than teaching AI to know much about the world. However, this significant shortcoming did not stop Microsoft from rolling out a version of OpenAI’s technology for some users of its search engine…”

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