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Commentary on Google’s latest transparency report – what is missing that they cannot reveal

Rebecca J. Rosen – The Atlantic: “Today brings the release of the first Transparency Report since the Snowden revelations about widespread government surveillance, and Google’s tone has changed dramatically. In contrast with the warm glow of corporate benevolence Google has tended to exude in these moments, today’s Google Blog post announcing the new Report is a touch surly, emphasizing not Google’s good grace in providing the report in the first place, but, instead, its limited nature.”

  • Bloomberg: “The U.S. made the most inquiries of any country, with 42 percent of the total for the period, according to the company’s transparency report. Google got 25,879 requests globally, up 24 percent from the first six months of last year and almost double the number from three years ago. Inquiries from the U.S. government have more than tripled since 2009.”

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