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Commentary on Google's upcoming release of new browser engine

The Evolution of the Web, in a Blink, by Vijith Assar. The New Yorker, May 11, 2013

  • “On April 3rd, just a hair shy of four and a half years after Google unveiled its Web browser, Chrome—now the most popular desktop browser in the world by some counts—Google announced that future versions of it will switch from the popular rendering engine WebKit to a new custom engine, called Blink. (WebKit notably powers Apple’s Safari, along with most popular mobile browsers.) For now, Blink remains an almost-identical copy of WebKit (which is allowed because WebKit’s code is open source), but in the near future it will be refined by Google’s team into a new, lightweight engine that is fast, efficient, stable, and feature-rich. For Google, this will better facilitate the browser’s integration in alternative emerging contexts, like Android smartphones and its new Glass wearable computing device. Blink is expected to start powering Chrome by this June.”
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