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Commentaryy – Reforming Copyright Is Possible

Reforming Copyright Is Possible – And it’s the only way to create a national digital library, by Pamela Samuelson

  • “The failure of the Google Book settlement, however, has not killed the dream of a comprehensive digital library accessible to the public. Indeed, it has inspired an alternative that would avoid the risks of monopoly control. A coalition of nonprofit libraries, archives, and universities has formed to create a Digital Public Library of America, which is scheduled to launch its services in April 2013. The San Francisco Public Library recently sponsored a second major planning session for the DPLA, which drew 400 participants. Major foundations, as well as private donors, are providing financial support. The DPLA aims to be a portal through which the public can access vast stores of knowledge online. Free, forever.”
  • See also David H. Rothman’s commentaries on the DPLA via
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