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Competitive Intelligence – A Selective Resource Guide – Updated May 2021

Via LLRXCompetitive Intelligence – A Selective Resource Guide – Updated May 2021 – This guide on competitive intelligence resources on the web was first published in 2005, and Sabrina I. Pacifici has continued to edit, revise and update it over the course of 16 years. Her objective is to provide researchers with a current, well vetted, reliable, actionable subject matter specific pathfinder on a wide range of sites and services to assist in the delivery of outstanding customer service. Seasoned researchers, law librarians and knowledge managers and analysts routinely use content rich sites to effectively add value to their work products. This Best of the Web CI Guide identifies an extensive range of topical search engines, portals, government sponsored and open source databases, news and topic focused alerts and archives, as well as sources from the academic, corporate and media sectors. The sites that Pacifici has included are benchmarks for: internet search and discovery, monitoring, analyzing and reviewing current and historical data, news, and reports, analysis and commentary, statistics, and profiles on companies, markets, countries, people and issues, from a national and a global perspective.

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