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Compiling Congressional Districts

Via Center for Data Innovation – Grossmann, M., Lucas, C., McCrain, J, & Ostrander, I. (2022). CongressData. East Lansing, MI: Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) – “Researchers at Michigan State University have created a dataset tracking the history of U.S. congressional districts. The dataset consists of congressional districts from 1789 to 2021 and includes information on their population demographics, representatives in Congress, and the representatives’ policymaking actions, such as committee assignments and number of bills sponsored.”

  • This app lets you manipulate, explore, and download the CongressData dataset by Matt Grossmann, Caleb Lucas, Josh McCrain, and Ian Ostrander at the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University.
  • We created two associated R packages as well: a functional package called congress and a data-only package called congressData
  • The main dataset is comprised of member-years and combines hundreds of variables from numerous sources. Individual variable coverage varies, but the dataset includes information regarding all congressional districts between 1789-2021. Specifically, the dataset tracks characteristics of congressional districts, the members of congress themselves, and the behavior of those members in policymaking…”

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