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Concerns Over E-Voting Prompt Addition of Paper Receipts

Dean Heller, Nevada Secretary of State, issued a news release December 10 on his decision to purchase Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines from Sequoia Voting Systems, and to require the inclusion of “voter verifiable receipt” technology to accompany each machine. This makes Nevada the first state to adopt such a requirement, and reflects growing voter and state concerns subsequent to the Diebold controversy.

  • See also this article from today’s Maryland (P.G. county) Gazette, that states: “An e-mail found in a collection of files stolen from Diebold Elections Systems’ internal database recommends charging Maryland “out the yin-yang,” if the state requires Diebold to add paper printouts to the $73 million voting system it purchased.” As I posted previously, the state of Maryland entered into an purchase agreement with Diebold this past July.
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