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Connecticut Introduces Library E-book Bill

Publishers Weekly: “Connecticut has become the latest state to introduce a library e-book bill, introducing bill 131 in its February session. The Connecticut bill is similar to efforts in other states now underway, in that it would require publishers who offer an e-book to consumers in the state to also offer to license the works to libraries on reasonable terms. One notable difference, however, is that the Connecticut bill offers a broad definition of what is meant by “reasonable” terms. In Connecticut, “reasonable terms” is defined as “purchase or licensing specifications that consider publishers’ business models as well as libraries’ efficient use of funds in providing library services,” according to the Connecticut bill’s language. The Connecticut bill comes amid a legal battle in Maryland, after the Association of American Publishers filed suit in federal court in December, 2021, claiming (among other things) that the Maryland law is preempted by the federal Copyright Act...”

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