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Convergence of scientific reports and public opinion begins on climate warming

Axios: “Dire scientific reports and extreme weather events are combining to force a make-or-break season for confronting global warming.

  • The rare convergence includes extreme weather events nationwide, and shifting public views fueling support for stronger policies.
  • Why it matters: The actions we take in the next 10 to 20 years could be crucial to determining the climate for centuries to come.

Pollsters say minds are changing:

  • A December poll by the Yale Program on Climate Change and George Mason University found that the “alarmed” segment of the American public is at an all-time high of 29% — double the size in a 2013 survey.
  • The poll also showed a decline in Americans who are classified as “dismissive” or “doubtful.”
  • The percentage of conservative Republicans who are worried about climate change has also reached an all-time high, according to Yale’s Anthony Leiserowitz, who studies public opinion on climate change…”

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