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Copyright Law Should Not Restrict AI Systems From Using Public Data

Commentary – Center for Data Innovation: “In March 2019, IBM created the “Diversity in Faces” dataset to provide a set of photos of peoples’ faces of various ages and ethnicities to help reduce bias in facial recognition systems. Even though IBM compiled the dataset from photos people shared online with a license which allows others to use the images for any purpose, some people strongly objected because IBM did not explicitly ask people for permission to use their photos in this dataset. NBC News even called it “facial recognition’s ‘dirty little secret.’” While this characterization is profoundly misleading (it was an effort to reduce bias in facial recognition, which is hardly “dirty,” and IBM was very public about the source of this data), this controversy highlights the challenge organizations face in creating datasets for AI, even when they have lawful access to the data, and the need for government to play a larger role in compiling data for computational uses…”

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