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Coronavirus deaths climbing while country deals with political unrest

Axios: “Coronavirus deaths continue to reach tragic heights while the country grapples with a vaccine rollout, an impeachment and ongoing civil unrest. The state of play: States with the top-five death rates per 100,000 residents as of Thursday January 14, 2021 include

  • New Jersey, with 227 people dead per 100,000 residents
  • Massachusetts — 196
  • Rhode Island — 188
  • South Dakota — 186
  • Connecticut — 182

Also via Axios – “The U.S. is now averaging nearly 250,000 new coronavirus cases per day — a crisis of staggering proportions, even though many Americans have tuned it out. The big picture: It’s not even sufficient to say the pandemic is “still going on,” as if it’s a fire that hasn’t finished burning out. The pandemic is raging. Its deadliest and most dangerous days are happening right now. And it keeps getting worse.”

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