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Could Legal Tech Cost Less?

Artificial Lawyer: “…Personally, a version of Word from twenty years ago would be fine for my needs. Probably 90% of what the Word suite can do today is irrelevant – but Microsoft keeps adding to it. Web-based updates arrive every week even if the good old basic package that you bought with a disc in 1999 worked just fine. Maybe the updates help with security, but it all feels like we’re paying for features we don’t want and don’t use. Companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and others in a commanding position in the market can keep increasing the price because….well, they’ve got the buyers over a barrel. They’ve become ‘standard’, and so many of us have to use such software, even if we don’t want to. But, most of legal tech is not like that. In most cases lawyers have to be convinced to open their wallets to buy anything other than the most essential software. So, could legal tech software cost less and less each year? And are there other factors at work in our sector?…”

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