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COVIDcast Real-time COVID-19 Indicators

Carneige Mellon University – The Delphi Blog: “Delphi uses information from the survey as part of its public COVIDcast map, to inform its forecasts (currently in development) of the pandemic’s spread, and to assist public health agency partners. By providing daily data from all parts of the United States, the survey allows comparisons between regions and allows careful tracking of changes over time. Other researchers use the survey to study factors related to the pandemic’s spread, its effects on mental health, how different demographic groups are affected by the pandemic, and numerous other important questions. [Includes data on persons traveling away from home 6hr+ a day, 3-6ht a day, People Wearing Masks, COVID Searches on Google, COVID-Related Doctor Visits, COVID-Like Symptoms, COVID-Like Symtpms in Community, COVID Hospital Admission, COVID Antigen Test Positivity, Newly Reported COVID-19 cases (7 -day average)

  • We’ve built a number of new indicators of COVID-19 activity. These are fine-grained geographically (most of them are available at the US county level) and temporally (all of them updated daily). They are designed to shed light on the current picture of COVID in the US, beyond the typical publicly-available metrics like confirmed cases and deaths.
  • Some of our indicators are based on massive-scale surveys that we’re running through partnerships with Facebook and Google, and others are based on aggregated counts from massive medical claims data sets through partners like Change Healthcare.
  • We’ve built a public API, and R and Python packages, to serve our indicators to researchers and the public. This API provides new data daily.
  • We’ve built interactive maps and graphics to display our indicators, and better inform the public and decision-makers.
  • We’ve developed forecasts of the future spread of the pandemic, validated them prospectively, and started submitting them to CDC.
  • COVID-19 Interactive Map & Dashboard via Facebook – no registration necessary..

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