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Customer Service, Closing the Gap Between Citizens and Officials

“Customer service in government is undergoing a transformation as technology and social media make it increasingly possible for citizens and government officials to engage with each other around the clock. GovLoop’s latest Agency of the Future guide walks you through this transformation, highlighting the customer service trends of today and the direction of customer service in government over the next 10-20 years.  In the Agency of the Future Customer Service guide, we provide you with tips and best practices for improving your current customer service program and for preparing your employees to effectively interact with citizens in an increasingly technological environment. Specifically, in the guide you will find:

  • Recommendations for your customer service initiatives, gleaned from a survey analysis of more than 250 respondents.
  • A list of common challenges to a good customer service program and tactics for overcoming them.
  • Projections concerning the future direction of government customer service.
  • Innovative customer service ideas from an interview with Rosetta Carrington Lue, the chief customer service officer for the city of Philadelphia.
  • A cheat sheet with successful customer service strategies and tips for maintaining an effective customer service program long into the future.”

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