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Cyberthreats in past year impact 93% of financial services organizations

Cyberattacks targeting financial services firms are on the rise, but are these organizations doing enough to protect business and customer data? According to a Kaspersky Lab and B2B International survey of worldwide IT professionals, 93% of financial services organizations experienced various cyberthreats in the past 12 months. And while cyber-attacks targeting financial services firms are on the rise, nearly one out of three still don’t provide protection of users’ endpoints or implement specialized protection inside their own infrastructure. According to the survey, this lack of action to protect themselves from an attack is causing many businesses to lose faith in financial firms tasked with keeping their information safe. In fact, only 53% of businesses felt that financial organizations did enough to protect their information. The Kaspersky Lab and B2B International survey also found that 82% of businesses would consider leaving a financial institution that suffered a data breach and that 74% of companies choose a financial organization according to their security reputation. This sentiment was echoed in a separate Kaspersky Lab Consumer Security Risks survey that found that 60% of consumers prefer companies that offer additional security measures to protect financial data.”

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