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Dan’s COVID Charts since June by state partisanship

Dan’s COVID Charts – Created by Dan Goodspeed using data from New York Times and visualization help from Flourish.  “The numbers are the total confirmed normalized cases per million for each state since June. A ‘10,000’ means 1% of the state’s population has tested positive of COVID since June 1. June 1 was chosen as it was around that time that countries worldwide that had been sucker-punched months before had the opportunity to apply proven preventative measures. It also provided an opportunity to contrast the resulting data with states’ political affiliations, using the Cook Partisan Voting Index. The results suggest a strong correlation between a state’s political leanings and its ability to employ proven science to slow the spread of COVID…”

Note – Dan’s charts also provide updates by the following: State-by-State by date by new cases; State-by-State by date new deaths; State by State by date total cases; State-by-State by date total new cases; State-by-State by date total deaths.

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