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Data Breaches Remain A Concern for Consumers and Lawmakers

  • New York Times: Data Security Laws Seem Likely, So Consumers and Businesses Vie to Shape Them
  • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, A Chronology of Data Breaches Reported Since the ChoicePoint Incident, updated October 19, 2005
  • H.R. 4127, the Data Accountability and Trust Act. According to sponsor Representative Clifford B. Stearns, “This bill (16 pages, PDF) requires entities holding personal information to establish and maintain appropriate security policies to prevent unauthorized acquisition of that data. Also, it requires notification to those individuals whose information has been revealed through a security breach. Special requirements are imposed on information brokers, those that compile and sell consumer data to third parties. In addition, it includes preemption of similar state laws to create a uniform national standard for data security and breach notification.”
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