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Data broker shuts down product related to driver behavior patterns

The Record: “The revelation earlier this year that General Motors had been selling driver behavior patterns to data brokers — who in turn packaged and resold it to insurers — has led at least one of two major data brokers to shut down its related product.  That data broker, Verisk, disclosed last month that it has stopped accepting data from car makers and no longer sells the information to insurers, according to the organization Privacy4Cars, which received the response after sending the data broker an inquiry. “Verisk received driving data from vehicles manufactured by General Motors, Honda, and Hyundai and may have provided a Driving Behavior Data History Report (“Report”) to insurers upon request, as a service provider to such insurers, that included certain data provided by these manufacturers,” the Verisk response to Privacy4Cars said.  “Please note that Verisk no longer receives this data from these automakers to generate Reports and also no longer provides Reports to insurers,” the statement added. While Verisk has stopped selling car company-provided driver behavior patterns to insurers, LexisNexis Risk Solutions continues to prominently promote its driver behavior data product for insurers despite the mounting backlash from state governments, federal officials and consumer groups.  LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ Telematics OnDemand page remains online, boasting that it is “bringing automakers and insurance carriers together.” “By partnering directly with automotive OEMs, LexisNexis is able to turn connected car data into tangible driving behavior insights that can be leveraged within insurance carriers’ existing workflows,” the page says. Spokespersons for LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Verisk did not respond to requests for comment. Much of LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ work remains shrouded in secrecy…”

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