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Data for Microprudential Supervision of U.S. Banks

Flood, Mark D., Kwan, Simon H. and Leonova, Irina S., Data for Microprudential Supervision of U.S. Banks (2012). Handbook of Financial Data and Risk Information, Volume I, M. Brose, M. Flood, D. Krishna and W. Nichols, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2013. Available at SSRN.

  • “This chapter provides an overview of data collection for microprudential supervision in one of the most highly regulated parts of the U.S. financial sector, the banking industry. The process is dominated by a combination of on-site examinations and off-site data collection. We pay particular attention to data collection and dissemination, and how information is used within the supervisory framework. An appendix provides an overview of the international context for banking regulation and microprudential data collection.”
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