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Data on Gov’t Websites Does Not Pose Security Risk

As a follow-up to my May 5 posting, Dept. of Interior Guidelines to Secure Geospatial Data, from the Rand Corporation, this press release stating that “Less than 1 percent of publicly available federal Web sites and databases contain geospatial information not readily available elsewhere that could help terrorists and other hostile forces mount attacks in the United States.”
America’s Publicly Available Geospatial Information: Does It Pose a Homeland Security Risk?

  • From the Research Brief – “The RAND study concluded that although publicly accessible geospatial information has the potential to be generally helpful in selecting and locating a target, potential attackers, such as terrorists, are likely to need more reliable, more detailed, and more up-to-date information to plan and carry out a strike than is typically publicly accessible.”
  • In relation to the Rand report, this AP article identifies four government databases whose content was restricted and remains offline due to security issues.
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