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Data overload is real

Fortune – “Do you suffer from data overload? This painful condition has skyrocketed as organizations have massively increased the amount of data they collect and then…well, that’s the question—what should you actually do with it? To talk this through, I reached out to Shari Littan, director of corporate reporting research and policy at the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), an organization for accounting and finance professionals with 140,000 members. Littan, who was previously a practicing attorney in securities and corporate litigation, has thought a lot about data and financial reporting. The trick, she says, is helping members deal with the proliferation of tech-based solutions “not only get their job done but free them up to apply their expertise to help their organizations around higher-level considerations—risk, innovation, strategy, and leadership,” she says. As Littan quips, “What gets measured gets managed—unless I’m spending all of my talent resources measuring with none left for actually managing.” A “pain point” for many of IMA’s members is a lack of access to collaborative cloud-based technology, Littan tells me, a point she explored in a recent report which she coauthored titled Building Financial Reporting Resilience Through Collaborative Cloud-Based Solutions…”

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