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Data Removal Guide

IntelTechniques: “This is the third step of a four-step process to request, freeze, and remove your personal information from within data broker, credit reporting, and password exposure services.

1: Data Request Guide
2: Credit Freeze Guide
3: Data Removal Guide
4: Credential Exposure Removal Guide

The online removal process of your personal information, such as a home address or telephone number, is usually quite easy. Most services will offer you a website to request they remove your details. These direct links are often hidden within fine print or rarely visited pages. My goal in this guide is to take the research out of the removal process and simply tell you where to start. Instead of explaining each step of the process for every service, I decided to compress this information throughout this tutorial. Each removal summary will display the service, website, removal link, contact options, and any notes abot the removal process…”

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