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Datadog finds serverless computing is going mainstream

DataDog: “Serverless has transformed application development by eliminating the need to provision and manage any underlying infrastructure. The current serverless ecosystem has grown more mature, and it now has considerable overlap with the world of container-based technologies. The wide range of available options has led over half of organizations operating in each cloud to adopt serverless. For this report, we examined telemetry data from thousands of companies’ serverless applications, and we identified three key themes in how teams are using serverless today. First, serverless compute has become an essential part of the technology stacks of organizations that operate in each cloud. Second, AWS Lambda remains extremely popular among AWS customers, who are using it in new ways to support their unique business needs. Finally, there are meaningful differences between the serverless offerings available within AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and each gives users distinct options for building serverless applications…”

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