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Deal Reached on Patriot Act Reauthorization Amid Wide Disagreement

News reports this afternoon on the compromise reached by the House and Senate on Patriot Act reauthorization include the strong caveat that not all Senators are satisfied (see statements as follows, from Leahy and Feingold), and opposition continues (specifically from the so-called gang of six). Although 16 provisions will now sunset in four as opposed to seven years (including library subpoenas and roving wiretaps), the contentious debate over whether this agreement adequately protects a range of civil liberties may provoke a filibuster.

  • 12/08/2005-Text of PATRIOT Act Conference Report (252 pages, PDF)
  • 12/08/2005-PATRIOT Act Conference Report Section by Section Summary (28 pages, PDF)
  • ALA: Patriot Act Compromise Inadequate
  • Pelosi: ‘Patriot Act Conference Report Does Not Secure Right Balance Between National Security and Civil Liberties’
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