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Decade of War – Enduring Lessons from the Past Decade of Operations

Decade of War- Volume I, Enduring lessons from the past decade of operations. United States. Joint Chiefs of Staff. Joint and Coalition Operational Analysis.

“The Joint and Coalition Operational Analysis (JCOA) division reviewed 46 lessons learned studies conducted from 2003 to the present, and synthesized the studies’ 400+ findings, observations, and best practices into the 11 strategic themes described in this report. More than a ‘decade of war,’ the 46 studies covered a wide variety of military operations; from major combat operations in Iraq, to counterinsurgency in Afghanistan and the Philippines, to humanitarian assistance in the United States, Pakistan, and Haiti, to studying emerging regional and global threats. JCOA’s initial analysis was further refined and discussed by subject matter experts from across the Department of Defense during a weeklong Decade of War conference in May. This report represents the synthesis of those efforts, and while significant, is only the initial step in turning these critical observations into ‘learned lessons.’ The work that follows, integrating findings into a continuous joint force development cycle, will serve as an enabler to building a more responsive, versatile, and affordable force.” [OCLC via Greta E. Marlatt, Outreach & Academic Support Manager Homeland Security Digital Library Content Team Manager]

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