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Deloitte, MIT, and Datawheel Launch New ‘Viz Builder’ in Data USA 3.0

Deloitte – Data USA’s 3.0 includes additional data sets, now capable of generating more than 2.5 million data visualizations. ” Today Deloitte, MIT, and Datawheel released the third major update to Data USA, a data visualization platform with more than 400,000 monthly visits. This third update includes a “Viz Builder” tool, which allows users to build custom data visualizations using data from over a dozen US public sources. Along with this new feature, Data USA releases an improved, open source and scalable design. Data USA is a free and open, publicly available, platform that has become one of the main sources for Americans to access public data. The comprehensive visualization engine integrates, visualizes and distributes publicly available data pulled from multiple public sources, such as the U.S. Department of Education, Census Bureau, Department of Labor, and Department of Health and Human Services…Data USA 3.0 includes more data sets but also updated features that enable users to more easily visualize public data. Features like the data cart and visualization builder allow users to dig deeper into the data than ever before…”

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